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  • EDM Electrode / Graphite Mold

    EDM Electrode / Graphite Mold

    EDM has the advantages of high machining accuracy, high surface quality and wide machining range, especially in the mold cavity machining of complex, precise, thin-walled, narrow slit and high hard materials, which has more advantages than high-speed milling, so EDM will still be the main means of mold cavity machining.
  • Discharge graphite ball

    Discharge graphite ball

    Graphite has no melting point. It has good conductivity, excellent thermal shock resistance, and can be used for stable EDM. Graphite has excellent machinability. Compared with metal, it can be processed into electrode in a very short time, only 1/3 to 1/10 time compared to the metal.
  • EDM industry

    EDM industry

    Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is the result of electrical spark corrosion during pulse discharge between electrodes. The main reason of electric spark corrosion is that a large amount of heat is generated in the spark channel during the spark discharge, which is hot enough to make the metal on the electrode surface partially melt or even vaporize and evaporate to be removed.