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Flexible Graphite

  • Synthetic Graphite Paper/Film/Sheet

    Synthetic Graphite Paper/Film/Sheet

    Synthetic graphite paper, artificial graphite film, high temperature resistant graphite sheet, super heat and electricity conducting film
  • Reinforced graphite packing

    Reinforced graphite packing

    The reinforced graphite packing is made of pure expanded graphite wire reinforced by glass fiber, copper wire, stainless steel wire, nickel wire, causticum nickel alloy wire, etc. It has various characteristics of expanded graphite, and has strong universality, good softness and high strength. Combined with general braided packing, it is the most effective sealing element to solve the problem of high-temperature and high-pressure sealing.
  • Graphite felt / carbon felt / vacuum furnace insulation felt

    Graphite felt / carbon felt / vacuum furnace insulation felt

    Graphite felt is used in vacuum furnace and induction furnace for heat preservation and insulation; energy storage battery; experimental conductive electrode; gas adsorption material; filtration and decontamination. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, energy conservation and environmental protection, and long service life.
  • Graphite Paper/graphite foil/Flexible graphite sheet

    Graphite Paper/graphite foil/Flexible graphite sheet

    Graphite paper is a kind of graphite products made of high carbon and phosphorus flake graphite through chemical treatment and high temperature expansion rolling. It is the base material for manufacturing various graphite seals. Graphite paper is also called graphite sheet, with the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and good electrical conductivity, it can be used in petroleum, chemical, electronics, toxic, flammable, high temperature equipment or parts, can be made into a variety of graphite strip, packing, gasket, composite plate, cylinder pad, etc.
  • Impregnated Graphite Packing Ring

    Impregnated Graphite Packing Ring

    Among the graphite seal products, dynamic seals and static seals are classified naturally. Dynamic seals have high requirements for the strength, hardness, porosity, lubricity and heat resistance of graphite seals, while static seals pay more attention to the expansibility and heat resistance of graphite seals. Jinglong Special Carbon has a deep understanding of all kinds of graphite materials, and can select the best quality and most suitable materials to produce the graphite sealing products that meet the use requirements to the most extent.
  • Flexible Graphite Ring/ Flexible Graphite Packing Ring

    Flexible Graphite Ring/ Flexible Graphite Packing Ring

    Flexible Graphite Ring/ Flexible Graphite Packing Ring is Die molded from 100% pure flexible & texturized graphite tapes. It can offer precise dimensions, densities & sealing efficiency for critical applications in all kind of dynamic & static fluid handling equipment. It is a self-lubricated packing with extremely low friction characteristics and is available in endless form, two halves oblique cut, single oblique cut etc. It is also Available with metal inserts for greater mechanical strength. 
  • Graphite Ring

    Graphite Ring

    Due to its self-lubricating, anti-wear, heat conduction and corrosion resistance, graphite has great vitality in mechanical industry. In the high temperature or ultra-low temperature, strong corrosive medium of mechanical equipment, due to the use of graphite mechanical parts, lubrication and corrosion problems have been satisfactorily solved, graphite material has become one of the common materials in mechanical manufacturing. The graphite ring can be used as one of the mechanical parts with the following advantages: