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Graphite Electrode

  • EDM Electrode / Graphite Mold

    EDM Electrode / Graphite Mold

    EDM has the advantages of high machining accuracy, high surface quality and wide machining range, especially in the mold cavity machining of complex, precise, thin-walled, narrow slit and high hard materials, which has more advantages than high-speed milling, so EDM will still be the main means of mold cavity machining.
  • Spectral pure graphite electrode rod

    Spectral pure graphite electrode rod

    Spectral pure graphite electrode has high carbon content, high temperature resistance, good conductivity at high temperature. We have different specifications and sizes, can make customized production according to your requirements.
  • Graphite anode plate for electrolysis

    Graphite anode plate for electrolysis

    In the electrolytic cell, the electrode from which the current flows into the electrolyte is called the graphite anode plate. In the electrolytic industry, the anode is generally made into plate shape, so it is called graphite anode plate. It is widely used in electroplating, wastewater treatment, industrial anti-corrosion equipment or as special materials. Graphite anode plate has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, good conductivity and thermal conductivity, easy machining, good chemical stability, acid and alkali corrosion resistance and low ash content. It can be used for electrolyzing aqueous solution, making chlorine, caustic soda, and making alkali from electrolyzing salt solution. For example, graphite anode plate can be used as the conductive anode for making caustic soda from electrolyzing salt solution.
  • Discharge graphite ball

    Discharge graphite ball

    Graphite has no melting point. It has good conductivity, excellent thermal shock resistance, and can be used for stable EDM. Graphite has excellent machinability. Compared with metal, it can be processed into electrode in a very short time, only 1/3 to 1/10 time compared to the metal.
  • New energy industry

    New energy industry

    The application of graphite technology is a key field in new energy, especially in automobile related industries.
  • EDM industry

    EDM industry

    Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is the result of electrical spark corrosion during pulse discharge between electrodes. The main reason of electric spark corrosion is that a large amount of heat is generated in the spark channel during the spark discharge, which is hot enough to make the metal on the electrode surface partially melt or even vaporize and evaporate to be removed.
  • Graphite rod with copper rod

    Graphite rod with copper rod

    This product can be used as carbon arc electrode in metal welding technology. The carbon arc air gouging rod has the advantages of high efficiency, low noise and wide applicability. It is widely used in casting, boiler, shipbuilding, chemical industry and other industries to gouge low carbon, cast steel, stainless steel, copper and other metals.
  • High Purity Isostatic Pressing Graphite Rod

    High Purity Isostatic Pressing Graphite Rod

    Isostatic Pressing Graphite is a new type of graphite material developed in the 1940s with a series of excellent properties. Isostatic Pressing Graphite has good heat resistance. In inert gas, its mechanical strength increases with the increase of temperature, reaching the peak value at about 2500℃.Compared with ordinary graphite, the structure of isostatic graphite is more compact, delicate, and symmetrical. Its thermal expansion coefficient is very low, its thermal shock resistance is excellent, and its isotropic, chemical corrosion resistance is strong, meanwhile, it has good thermal and electrical conductivity and excellent machining performance.
  • Graphite electrode for steel plant

    Graphite electrode for steel plant

    In recent years, due to the continuous innovation of steel making furnace technology, the graphite electrode for steel making has been put forward higher requirements. High power and ultra-high power EAF steel making process can reduce smelting time by 56%, save more than 22% of electricity per ton of steel, and increase output by 1.3 times. In order to meet the needs of this steel making process, high power and ultra-high power graphite electrodes are produced.
  • Spectrum Pure Graphite Rod

    Spectrum Pure Graphite Rod

    Spectral pure graphite rod must be of high purity, especially in the qualitative analysis of trace elements, extremely trace impurities are not allowed to exist. Generally speaking, impurities in graphite materials used for inspection in spectral analysis mainly include Al, B, Ca, Cu, Fe, Mg, Si, Ti, V etc. in addition, K, Mn, Cr, Ni, etc. may also exist. Due to the improvement and application of high purification research and purification technology in related industries, almost no impurities can be detected now, and the industrial manufacture of high purity graphite rod for spectral analysis has been realized.
  • Upper and lower electrode rods for spectral analysis

    Upper and lower electrode rods for spectral analysis

    Emission spectrum analysis is based on the principle that the excitation of elements or compounds is the specific wavelength of the spectrum. The sample is heated or electrified to make it emit light, the position and intensity of spectral lines are measured, and the elements or compounds are quantitatively analyzed, which are widely used in various analytical researches.
  • Molded Graphite Rod

    Molded Graphite Rod

    Molded Graphite rod is suitable for high temperature operation environment, has strong electrical conductivity, good chemical stability, has been widely used in the industry of national defense, machinery, metallurgy, chemical, casting, non-ferrous metal smelting, light chemical,ceramic, semiconductor, medical, environmental protection, laboratory analysis and other fields.