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Graphite Heating Element

  • Graphite heater

    Graphite heater

    Graphite heater is a kind of heating body of high temperature furnace. The temperature of the product can be raised quickly by powered on
  • Graphite heating plate

    Graphite heating plate

    Graphite has good characteristics of high temperature resistance and heat conduction, and it is a good heat source. Graphite sheet is heated by conduction, which is the main way of high temperature furnace heating.
  • Graphite parts of vacuum furnace

    Graphite parts of vacuum furnace

    In the production process of vacuum furnace, graphite material has won a wide application market because of its unique characteristics. The graphite parts on the vacuum furnace include: heat insulation carbon felt, graphite heating rod, graphite furnace bed guide rail, graphite guide nozzle, graphite guide rod, graphite connecting piece, graphite pillar, graphite furnace bed support, graphite screw, graphite nut and other products.
  • Graphite rack

    Graphite rack

    Graphite rack is a component used in cemented carbide smelting furnace. General mass production line products for precision assembly or confirmation of parts in its installation position and guidance of auxiliary tools called frame graphite parts.