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Graphite Lubrication Particle

  • Graphite lubricating column/Rod/Graphite Lubricant Bar

    Graphite lubricating column/Rod/Graphite Lubricant Bar

    Because of its structural characteristics, it is a solid lubricant. The self-lubricating small rod made of high-strength and high-purity graphite is suitable for oil-free self-lubricating bearings, self-lubricating plates, self-lubricating bearings, etc. With the property of wear resistance and high temperature resistance, saving fueling equipment, they have always been indispensable for the development of military and modern industries and high, new and cutting-edge technologies. Graphite small rod is one of the graphite products for industrial applications, greatly reduces the mechanical maintenance, fuel costs, achieved the purpose of both lubrication and non-oil processing workpieces.