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Graphite mold

  • Graphite Mold for Glass Industry

    Graphite Mold for Glass Industry

    Graphite mold has good high temperature resistance, stable performance at high temperature, small amount of heat expansion and cold shrinkage, which can be ignored; graphite has good lubricity, and the glass liquid is not easy to stick on the mold during solidification, and has good thermal conductivity, wear resistance, high mechanical strength and other characteristics. In industrial production, in order to achieve accurate production results, not only appropriate graphite materials should be selected, but also the design of graphite mold, processing quality and correct installation in use are very important. We have the ability to provide professional technical support to help customers select the right graphite materials in production, design and process graphite mold suitable for production equipment, and we’d like to listen to customers' opinions carefully, and solve the problems encountered by customers in the use process.
  • Electron beam evaporation graphite boat

    Electron beam evaporation graphite boat

    Super graphite evaporation boat / graphite thermal evaporation crucible / electron beam evaporation boat / coating vacuum aluminum plating silicon plating / super graphite evaporation boat / electron beam evaporation vacuum coating instrument graphite crucible
  • Graphite semicircle boat

    Graphite semicircle boat

    Graphite semicircle boat is made of graphite material, which has the following advantages: high temperature resistance, good self-lubricating performance, easy to push and pull, not easy to attach other objects, high strength, not easy to damage.
  • Graphite mold for continuous casting of nonferrous metals

    Graphite mold for continuous casting of nonferrous metals

    This kind of mold has different shapes of single hole, porous special shape, lock body mold. This kind of mold is suitable for horizontal continuous casting of copper, aluminum, steel and iron. This product is high-purity graphite product, with stable performance and good processing technology, which is widely used in metallurgical industry.
  • Semiconductor and electronic industry

    Semiconductor and electronic industry

    Semiconductors are materials with conductivity between conductors and insulators at room temperature. Semiconductors are widely used in radio, television and temperature measurement.
  • Graphite container

    Graphite container

    Graphite vessels used in high-temperature industrial furnaces are mainly graphite ark, graphite crucible, graphite sagger, graphite cylinder, graphite disc, graphite push plate, and graphite products of other shapes. The billet selection principle of this product is: no contamination to treated materials, long service life, reasonable raw material cost. According to the actual needs of customers, we can make purification and oxidation resistance treatment for the graphite containers
  • Hot pressed graphite mould

    Hot pressed graphite mould

    The pressure and heating are carried out in the same process, and the compact sinter can be obtained after a short time of sintering, which greatly reduces the cost. Under high temperature and high pressure, the advantage of using artificial graphite material have a distinct advantage compared with other materials. Because the coefficient of linear expansion of artificial graphite material is small, the shape and size stability of products produced by it are very high.
  • EDM industry

    EDM industry

    Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is the result of electrical spark corrosion during pulse discharge between electrodes. The main reason of electric spark corrosion is that a large amount of heat is generated in the spark channel during the spark discharge, which is hot enough to make the metal on the electrode surface partially melt or even vaporize and evaporate to be removed.
  • Graphite mold of digester

    Graphite mold of digester

    Graphite mold of digester is used for making digester. It has isostatic graphite matrix. After Teflon coating treated, can keep hands clean. We support customized manufacturers.
  • Graphite Molds with Holes

    Graphite Molds with Holes

    The molds adopt high-purity graphite as raw material,effectively sealing the porosity of graphite, and the volume density is higher than 1.85 g / cm 3, greatly increasing the oxidation resistance of the product. The high purity, high strength and high-density graphite material make the service life of the product more than twice that of the ordinary product. It can withstand 2000 ℃ high temperature. Under the condition of quench and heat, it has good thermal stability, strong acid and alkali resistance, good corrosion resistance, impact resistance, good heat conduction performance, and can shorten the smelting time. The ash content of the product is less than 0.1, so as to ensure that precious metals are not polluted in smelting.
  • Graphite Boat

    Graphite Boat

    In the process of casting and forming precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum, a large number of precision processed graphite molds are used. Precious metal is expensive, so the requirements of graphite mold are very strict, so as to ensure that the weight error of the same precious metal product meets the requirements.