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Graphite Paper

  • Synthetic Graphite Paper/Film/Sheet

    Synthetic Graphite Paper/Film/Sheet

    Synthetic graphite paper, artificial graphite film, high temperature resistant graphite sheet, super heat and electricity conducting film
  • Graphite Paper/graphite foil/Flexible graphite sheet

    Graphite Paper/graphite foil/Flexible graphite sheet

    Graphite paper is a kind of graphite products made of high carbon and phosphorus flake graphite through chemical treatment and high temperature expansion rolling. It is the base material for manufacturing various graphite seals. Graphite paper is also called graphite sheet, with the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and good electrical conductivity, it can be used in petroleum, chemical, electronics, toxic, flammable, high temperature equipment or parts, can be made into a variety of graphite strip, packing, gasket, composite plate, cylinder pad, etc.