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  • Graphite anode plate for electrolysis

    Graphite anode plate for electrolysis

    In the electrolytic cell, the electrode from which the current flows into the electrolyte is called the graphite anode plate. In the electrolytic industry, the anode is generally made into plate shape, so it is called graphite anode plate. It is widely used in electroplating, wastewater treatment, industrial anti-corrosion equipment or as special materials. Graphite anode plate has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, good conductivity and thermal conductivity, easy machining, good chemical stability, acid and alkali corrosion resistance and low ash content. It can be used for electrolyzing aqueous solution, making chlorine, caustic soda, and making alkali from electrolyzing salt solution. For example, graphite anode plate can be used as the conductive anode for making caustic soda from electrolyzing salt solution.
  • New energy industry

    New energy industry

    The application of graphite technology is a key field in new energy, especially in automobile related industries.