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Professional factory high strength artificial Isostatic graphite billet blocks for sale

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Better Homogeneity: longer life span and more stable resistance control of heating elements. Bigger dimension: we can supply square blocks as big as 2150*1290*500mm and round blocks as big as D1450*1200mm & D1100*1200mm. grain size 10um Higher purity: Upon customer request, we can supply products with ash content less than 20ppm/30ppm. For semiconductor and other specific application, the ash content can be controlled less than 5ppm.

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Isostatic Pressing Graphite has good heat resistance. In inert gas, its mechanical strength increases with the increase of temperature, reaching the peak value at about 2500℃.Compared with ordinary graphite, the structure of isostatic graphite is more compact, delicate, and symmetrical. It’s thermal expansion coefficient is very low, its thermal shock resistance is excellent, and its isotropic, chemical corrosion resistance is strong, meanwhile, it has good thermal and electrical conductivity and excellent machining performance. Isostatic Pressing Graphite Blocks can be used for EDM graphite electrode, water treatment, conductive electrode, anode cathode graphite block, electrolytic graphite electrode, and lubrication purposes. Our graphite block has the characteristics of high-volume density, low resistivity, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, good conductivity, etc.










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